1-8-17, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Tourist Information

Beehive Hostel Osaka is located right south of the center of Osaka sightseeing areas. From Osaka’s famous dishes, popular ramen shops, and small tasty izakayas full of people, you can walk around and experience the delicious and individuality shops. It is also just a train ride away to Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and other sightseeing spots. In addition, it is blessed with easy access to other cities and you can enjoy the various charms of Japan in Kyoto, Kobe and Nara on a one day trip!

Surrounding Store Information

  1. Akachan Honpo
    (Baby Goods Store)
  2. Gomai
    (membership large wholesale store)
  3. Onishi
    (membership large wholesale store)
  4. Maruhiko
    (Membership large type wholesale store)
  5. Teraiuchi
    (membership large wholesale store)
  6. MANEI
    (Membership large type wholesale store)
  7. LIFE Sakaisujihonmachi Store
  8. KOHYO Minamisenba Store
  9. The DAISO Shinsaibashi Store
    (100YEN shop)
  10. Cysta Nagahori
    (Underground Shopping District)
  11. UNIQLO Shinsaibashi Store
  12. OPA
  13. Daimaru
    (Department Store)
  14. AmericaMura
    (America Village)
  15. JINS Shinsaibashi Store
    (Eyewear/ Optical)
  16. GU
  17. (Fashion)
  18. Matsuyamachi toy&snack wholesale street
  19. Korori Area
  20. Karahori Shopping District
  21. TAMADE Nipponbashi Store
  22. (Supermarket)
  23. DonQuiote
  24. BIC CAMERA(Home Electronics Retail Store)
  25. Kuromon Market
  26. Takashimaya (Department Store)
  27. Nipponbashi Denden Town(Electric Town)
  28. Kizu Market

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